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Forestry▪Musician▪Audio-Vocal Artist▪Event & Band Promotions


Born in Halifax and from the Village of Bear River, Nova Scotia, even at an early age all eyes and ears paid attention when I was in a room.  I was picking up the house phone and in my very strong radio-gifted voice saying, “Hello, this is Alexander whom would you like to speak to?”  At only 4 year old I was the answering machine for my household – a newborn baby sister, Erica – a super busy award winning entrepreneur mom running her nationally known Axent on Silk business – a father who could no longer work because Progressive MS was short circuiting his neurological system.

There was drama in my not-so-normal household that would eventually crumble, causing my father to be taken to Halifax to live with the care he required.  My mother would move us kids to Digby where she set up a new way to live but never forgetting to include her ex-husband every step, no matter the distance or state of his physical and emotional condition – mom committed to caring for him and their children as a powerful spirit-filled woman would.  Confident she could do her best for us all.

A mixed bag of abilities plus faith in keeping positive was no accident.  Each experience and skill-set was learned from endless joyful, difficult and extreme experiences.  Call them “unique situations” compacted into building a young boys character and then woven through my life-tapestry every year since.

My resume has a story to tell.  What it does not say, though, is the medical challenge that faced both parents – about dad being sick and crippled in his prime – mom’s shift to mechanically pace her heart plus overcome huge obstacles with endless responsibilities in both business and home life. It was my parents who set the example on how to accept a negative then use it to build an advantage – to shoot for the success – to try most anything as long as it was honest.  I have done my own best to stay positive, accepted what could not be changed in all moments and stick to our universal message of being grateful for what you’re given – “to thy own self be true.” 

In our home being kind in thought and deed to all people was imperative. To also have strong social and family values, be responsible and accountable, live with a creative / individual / artistic view, love words and music, help others, own all your choices, wear your style with confidence and take on a fearless approach to new experiences.  In other words, take the best out of whatever challenge life can’t help but send our way.  That’s how my life has rolled ‘till now ……. and this is just some of my story ……. and I’m also very glad you’re along for some of this ride with me.